On the 11th Day of Gritmas…

30 Dec

….I thought I’d share with you part of an inspiring email that I received recently:

Dear Grit Doctor,

Reading this has reminded me to tell you how much you’ve changed my life, I’ve been meaning to mention it for a while but have been so busy enjoying myself that time ran away with me.

Earlier this year I accidentally discovered Run Fat Bitch Run and was inspired, I entered a competition to meet you at Little, Brown and won. You spoke about tackling one shelf at a time, and that was that, I’ve been blasting those shelves ever since.

At the time I was approaching 30 and dating, living in a house that was undergoing a refurb, had a job that paid well but didn’t challenge me that much and hobbies had entirely fallen by the wayside. And was about a stone overweight.

Fast forward a few months, and I’m now 30, engaged, have planned not one but two dream weddings, write for a local website, have just been accepted to write for a local food blog and have applied for a voluntary writing post on a wedding blog. My refurb is complete after applying – and being accepted – to appear on a TV show to get the lounge finished for free. I start a new full time job in January that is far more senior than I ever could have imagined but I took the chance and asked a manager internally if he would consider me for a post he was advertising and instantly he said yes – let’s make it happen!

So a big fat THANKS to you for giving me the kick up the ass I needed!

Love, S

Gritmas Tip:

Thank you S. Your email reminds us of what we can all do when we choose action over talk and start tackling life’s challenges one shelf at a time.


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