Drunken Resolve

10 Jan

Hi there, not really sure what to call you? Gritty? 😉

I gave up alcohol on January 3rd after a two day bender and embarrassing myself in front of some family and new friends, I’m aware I’m far from perfect and have apologised and am off the booze for good this time, I used to drink in a destructive manner – but I’m proud of giving up!
Both my aunty and my cousin are near to turning their backs after telling me they don’t know how to deal with me anymore, I thought by giving up and apologising I had done enough but I don’t know what else I can do. I need to be strong for myself. Your book is very good btw, I read RFBR too, who knew running could be fun! 🙂
Any advice would be appreciated, my inner bitch is being very unhelpful today.
Kind regards

So first things first well done for giving up the grog. It sounds as though it has been a real problem in the past and I’m afraid with booze, once a problem always a problem: once an alcoholic always an alcoholic. I think you need to demonstrate through your commitment to change and to giving up booze that this time it will be different. Friends and families of drunks get sick and tired of hearing the same old same old remorseful ‘sorry’ when hungover and vulnerable and empty promises never to touch a drop again only to find themselves bitterly disappointed when the next bender takes over. So you have to prove it to them. Show them through the way you choose to live your life from this moment onwards that you mean it this time. It is one thing saying it and an entirely different thing to actually live it each and every day. All day. Alcoholics tend to be great at the former and notoriously poor at the latter. Your recovery demands a #gyst-like ‘shelf’ approach in that it needs to be taken on daily. Your daily dose of grit is a daily commitment not to take any drink today. Its all you really can ever do and all that ever needs to be done. So enough of the grand gestures and promises. Stop asking for their forgiveness too. Forgive yourself. Move on. Get living a good life and that act alone will heal family rifts in a way that words never will.

The Grit Doctor says:

Just live a good life today free of alcohol.


One Response to “Drunken Resolve”

  1. Liz January 19, 2014 at 10:33 am #

    I stopped drinking last year because I wanted a healthier life and didn’t like to feel I had to drink just to be sociable – it is tricky at first, but once you get confident in the fact you can have a good time without it (which you absolutely can by the way, in fact more so sometimes!). It’s really enjoyable to wake up fresh each morning fresher! Alcohol is a personal thing, if people want to drink it, that’s great. It they don’t, there shouldn’t be so much of a stigma (“don’t be boring!”) about not doing so. To each their own! Check out my blog for inspiration about how to live a healthier life 🙂 http://www.saysquat.blogspot.com

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