Ditch the diet

5 Jan

Planning a new year resolution diet? Or started one already? Feeling faint with hunger after a breakfast of errr, nothing, in a bid to get a head start in ridding your belly of some of that excess Christmas poundage? We all know diets don’t work right, because why else do we have to keep starting another one? Every January?

Why not instead make a simple commitment today to eliminate one crappy eating habit from your life. Like ditching that full fat latte you buy on your way into the office and replacing it with a skinny macchiato? If you are picking up a snack at the same time of the muffin/granola cereal bar type variety – STOP RIGHT THERE. Just giving that up is going to save you hundreds of needless calories each day.

The Grit Doctor recommends
Turning one crappy eating habit around and making it January’s crap cutting commitment.

Stick with it every day and by the end of the month it will no longer exist for you as a troublesome bad habit. It will have been banished from your crap consumption repertoire for good. Gone. Leaving your body and mind motivated (from your success) and ready to take on February’s commitment: another crappy eating habit to transform.

And look, you may not be a latte and muffin type serial offender, but guaranteed if you are in a desperate bid to start a diet this week, it means you are eating too much crap. Identify those crappy habits and give up just one of them for now.

So much easier than a diet right?

The Grit Doctor says
Dieting is a form of self harm


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