Cutting The Crap: Soup for lunch

7 Jan

Why Soup Up?

1. You know exactly what’s gone into it (no danger of a nail appearing in your coronation chicken sandwich….)
2. Ups your daily veggie dose no end – a big portion of this soup will have you meeting your five-a-day no sweat. NB. The Cut Crapping Way has 5-a-day as your minimum daily target, so don’t get cocky. Veggies must still feature in your evening meal
3. Warms the cockles during this Godforsaken freeze
4. Cheap as chips
5. Tastier than anything you can buy ready made
6. Nutritious satisfying and kind on the waistline
7. You can make a big batch, freezing individual portions which is brilliantly time-savvy.

For Gawds sake don’t go nuts and ruin it for yourself by eating soup for lunch EVERY DAY till the smell of anything soup-esque makes you desperately unhappy (think any song you played to death, any drink you overdrank, turkey and ham circa 29th Dec – you get my drift). Too much of a good thing is never wise, no matter how much sense it makes, so yes, have soup for lunch but not every single day. There are plenty of other things to enjoy instead…

Pea and Spinach Soup


Large garlic clove (optional)
Full fat natural yoghurt
Bag frozen petit pois
Bag fresh spinach leaves
A pint of chicken stock – fresh ideally – but a cube will do (veggie stock is obvs also fine but remember, the better quality the stock, the better tasting the soup no question)
A tiny pinch of chile powder
Handful of mint leaves


Fry off the roughly chopped onion garlic and celery in a teaspoon of veg oil very gently for 5 mins or so until softened. Add the frozen petit pois and stir in to the mixture. Pour over a pint of boiling chicken stock and simmer gently for 4 mins or so. Turn off heat add pinch chile powder and throw in all the raw spinach and mint leaves then blitz with a hand held blender. Add a dollop of yoghurt (beefs up protein and tastes creamily delicious) and stir in thoroughly/blitz. Season to taste.

I just had this for lunch and added a further teaspoon of yoghurt to serve with a bit of chopped mint on top (just so the photo looked a bit more appealing! – I wouldn’t have bothered otherwise. Wow I really need to work on my food photography. This soup will look infinitely more attractive in Olly’s thermos tomorrow).

Invest in a stainless steel thermos. And a delicious seedy brown loaf of the highest quality that you love. Slice it all up and freeze it so you can remove two slices on those mornings when you are having soup for lunch.

The Grit Doctor says
Being organised is a key rule in crap cutting. The more organised you are about food, the less crap can worm its way into your gob.


2 Responses to “Cutting The Crap: Soup for lunch”

  1. Kathryn January 7, 2015 at 2:18 pm #

    Hi Ruth Good to see you posting again – and a new book. I will get it ordered as I’ve enjoyed the others so much. Since we last emailed I have really got my shit together and am really enjoying a much more creative side of life (I even started my own blog). Have to admit I am not running because my back is very dodgy but I do walk more, generally eat healthily and have a much more positive outlook on life. This cut the crap idea sounds good – eaten far too much naughty food in the last three weeks. BTW – no pictures appear in these posts but the copy reads as though you expect them to? Looking forward to more posts though, without or without piccies xxx 🙂

  2. Kathryn January 7, 2015 at 2:22 pm #

    PS – I scrolled back up and the pics have arrived. Must be my slow connection 🙂

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