Cut The Crap

12 Jan

Within You

Some good news: nestled within is the ‘you’ that you were always supposed to be, shape and weight-wise. This applies even if you are very overweight and the real you is currently hidden beneath a thick layer of subcutaneous fat. My new book, Cut The Crap (Amazon:
Waterstones: is designed to help you relocate that version of you: the version hidden within, not the Victoria Beckham-esque version or the size six version but the real, healthy you. Because there is an optimum shape and size destined for you alone, waiting to be re-discovered. It is necessarily the healthiest ‘you’, the version your body functions best at, because it is the one coded into your DNA, as definitive as your height and eye colour. But the important thing you have to accept is that reaching this optimum weight is highly unlikely to result in your suddenly becoming Kate Moss’s body double. And denying this truth is part of the reason – perhaps – that you never seem to be able to reach the number you set yourself on the scales, or can never stay at it for very long.

The Grit Doctor Warns
Before you breathe an enormous sigh of relief and put your feet up again, confident that it is your DNA or a ‘fat gene’ at fault for your thick waistline, you are missing the point entirely. Read on.

Side Effects of Excessive and yo-yo Dieting

• Exhaustion
• Wreaks havoc with your metabolism
• Makes you fatter long term
• Sinus problems
• Bloodshot eyes
• Gallbladder disease
• Rashes
• Muscle atrophy
• Seizures
• Dehydration
• Fainting
• Acidosis (increased acidity in the blood)
• Constipation
• Irritability
• Depression
• Lower sex drive
• Lack of concentration
• Loss of memory
• Obsessive thoughts
• Bingeing
• Panic Attacks
• Heart Attacks
• Liver failure
• Kidney failure
• Anorexia, bulimia
• Oh and lest we forget, a 97 per cent chance of FAILURE

The Grit Doctor promises
Yes you heard right. 97% of ALL DIETS FAIL. There is a permanent escape route from all this nonsense and I will help us find it


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