15 Jan

HOOORAY hooray – its Cut The Crap Publication Day! I like to celebrate publication day morning with a long run. Partly because I’m nervous and excited and need to calm the f*** down, partly because I want to be as mentally clear and zen as I can be and mainly so I will look my best at the party tonight….

Mmmmm, possibly not as it turns out. This morning, my husband @ollyweetch looked over at me and laughed, commenting that I could make a guest appearance on TOWIE such was the orange glow emanating from my face. Nothing wrong with TOWIE I say *channels Essex roots*, but I did think he might have a point when I looked in the mirror. Nothing that a long sweaty run can’t cure, or so I thought. Judging from the photographic evidence post run, the lower half of my face is most certainly erring on the wrong side of aglow?!

Cut The Crap

If you are sick and tired of the dieting merry-go-round, bored shitless with being sold the latest dieting fad that is being heralded as the salvations from all our ills – bone broth anyone? – and would rather just eat real food and get on with your life and not spuff a small fortune on spelt flour or acai berries, ‘Cut The Crap’ is the book for you ( Amazon:
Waterstones: It works because you have to work it your way. In other words, if you love carbs, as I do, don’t try and cut them out because you will only set yourself up for a colossal fail. And it really works. Not in reaching some artificially set numerical target that you invariably move away from once the ‘diet’ stops. But because once you accept the basic premise of eating well and moving more, the right weight will find you.

The Grit Doctor says
You can cut the crap out of your diet and mind, but overcooking it with the fake tan? No amount of crap cutting can cure that…


2 Responses to “Cut The Crap PUBLICATION DAY”

  1. girl in wellies January 15, 2015 at 1:28 pm #

    Best of luck Ruth, I have nearly finished this book and it has been so good to get back on the grit dr wagon! I will continue to recommend and buy (all 3 of) your books as they really are awesome! Have a fun party and hopefully the grit dr will let her hair down for the night??

    So I must stop procrastinating and go for a run before I have to pick my nearly one-year old boy up from nursery (a great excuse for not running so much in 2014!).

    Oh, and for some reason ‘eat your f**king yolks’ makes me dissolve with laughter I DONT KNOW WHY!! Maybe because it is mental that people think like that??? never mind, must RUN xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Jo North

    Diversification Manager

    CE Holt & Partners

    01243 811257/07590 413 609

    follow my blog

    tweet me @jonorth7

    • gritdoctor January 20, 2015 at 8:18 pm #

      ah Jo so lovely to hear from you! glad all is well and i shall follow your brilliant blog for sure. glad you like the book, it had a horrid 1 star review on amazon which has knocked my confidence so its genuinely just lovely to hear any praise! all the best and stay in touch ruth xxxx

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