The Grit Doctor’s Grit Doctor

19 Jan

The Grit Doctor warns

Beware of comparing thyself to others for there will always be those both less gritty and more gritty than thyself.

Indeed. I realised this just before the Christmas holidays when I received a late night text message from a friend and fellow nursery school mum (with three kids under 5 btw) inviting me for a run in the woods. The text read, ‘Just landed from NYC. Run tomorrow? I have an hour between drop off and nativity play.’ Bloody hell this woman is nails right? The jetlag alone would have put me right off, but there she was at the school gates, chipper as ever, punching out a 4mile run – in the pouring rain I might add. I told her as we set off from the school gates – other women looking at us in abject horror (possibly at my then footwear pictured) ‘my Gawd we are gritty’, she said ‘yes but you are The Grit Doctor Ruth’, to which I said, ‘YOU my dear are the Grit Doctor’s Grit Doctor. She smiled. I think she already knew this…

Anyway she is now gritting all over my weekends – hitherto run free zones, but no longer. Because she is back at work as of this week, those nursery gates runs are no more for her, so yesterday morning after a beautifully gritty frosty Sunday morning run in the woods she booked me in same time same place next Sat and Sunday mornings. I never used to run at the weekend but oh the joy of an 8.45am Sunday morning run. I missed nothing of course of the day, (this early Sunday morning thang really is a huge perk if you have young kids, I’m not sure I’d have been up for this sort of grit in a former life) because I was back by 9.30am, with a zip about me and a positive attitude that made the rest of the day a breeze. And I enjoyed a blissful 45 mins of ‘me’ time that would otherwise never happen over the weekend. The easiest run in the world to motivate oneself into doing. Plus, the serious freeze means you are not going to be a second late at your designated meeting point…

And to return the favour to my long suffering Crap Cutting hero of a husband @ollyweetch, I’ve been going along to Sobel sports centre with the twins and while he plays squash we play in the soft play area. That 40 minute squash beasting has been the absolute key crap cutting weapon for Olly and now these weekend exercise sessions have become a game changer for us both. Olly who had struggled throughout writing #CTC to get three serious bouts of exercise in each week has been finding it much easier now with this weekend session, which of course leads to us both getting so much more out of our weekends. Those endorphins are a gift. And its the gift that keeps on giving every time you bring them out of their shell by getting your heart rate up.

The Grit Doctor says
Cut The Crap at weekends by taking turns with your partner to get in a serious workout. You will both love each-other and your weekends more for having done so.


2 Responses to “The Grit Doctor’s Grit Doctor”

  1. kPev January 20, 2015 at 1:35 am #

    Footwear pictured? Hey one of my headspace problems is what to wear. What do you wear in the cold, raining, frosty mornings out running?

    • gritdoctor January 20, 2015 at 8:17 pm #

      i wear leggings by iffley road as they fit so nicely and wear shorts over those, a very old thermal sort of black tight top with hood (which makes me look like a condom) often a beanie hat underneath that and gloves i got from a shop in Victoria called run and become. nothing fancy though, and i try to avoid the rain at the moment as ive lost my waterproof jacket! will force myself to take a photo next time but the key when its really cold are those extremeties. if you’ve got a woolly hat and gloves on you’ll be fine as always warm up after 5 mins…hope that helps, Ruth

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