Tabitha Webb Talks Gritty

27 Feb

I spent a wonderful evening on Tuesday involved in a fashionably Paxman-esque style interview at the hands of Tabitha Webb – designer to the stars. ( And you can see it now here

photo (1)

One of the best things about the evening was getting to model one of TW’s gorgeous frocks – the “Edie” – in a colour so bold it can only be described as *Irish Green* (see photo) which made me feel at once incredibly sophisticated while retaining a certain flirty girlishness: a tricky combination to nail.

photo (3)

A lovely collection of women gathered to drink champagne, try on TW’s beautiful designs and listen to me get Pax-manned by the beguilingly gritty Tabitha. On the agenda was of course ‘Cut The Crap’ – and a lively discussion/debate ensued about why it is that we are so seduced by detoxes/7lbs in 7 days/juicing/fast dieting etc. Why is it that we repeatedly get sucked in by empty promises of a quick fix and keep going nuts for the latest crazy food fad despite the overwhelming evidence that diets just don’t work 97% of the time? There are no obvious answers, but what is incontrovertibly true is that cutting the crap and moving more is a failsafe strategy to ensure you reach a healthy weight range and stay within it – forever. Cutting through the crap. In a beautiful frock. My idea of heaven. Thank you @tabithawebbuk

The Grit Doctor says

Tabitha – if you are still drinking that full fat latte daily – shame on you. If you can’t stomach the idea of a non fat skinny machiatto, go for a semi-skimmed cappuccino for now. By Wednesday you won’t be able to taste the difference #CTC.


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