Wednesday Motivation

29 Apr

I received this message from Sharon on the Run Fat Bitch Run facebook page a week or so ago, and thought it was hugely inspiring, especially to any of us whose fall back position when it comes to taking up regular exercise is, ‘I DON’T HAVE TIME’. Now here’s one gritty chick with precious little…

I just wanted to say a huge thank you. I’ve read Run Fat B!tch Run and that’s exactly what I’m doing. This fat bitch is running!

I have 7 daughters (the last two being twins (who are now 21/2) and since giving birth 10 months earlier to daughter number 5 (who weighed in at a whopping 10lb 6oz), I run my own business in London and live in Scotland, commuting to London 3 days a week. If this fat b!tch can do it, anyone can! A massive thank you again. My ankle’s bloody killing me but my inner bitch really doesn’t give a shit..

Sharon goes on to explain that the reason she mentions all the kids is so we have an idea of what her body has been through, and the sort of nick her tummy is in, not to mention the courage it has taken for her to get moving again after so long…

The Grit Doctor Says
Wow, so gritty, so motivating. To anyone who says I DON’T HAVE TIME, errrr, yes you do.


2 Responses to “Wednesday Motivation”

  1. Jesssie May 6, 2015 at 1:48 am #

    True. I never had time because I didn’t want to. 🙂

  2. Elizabeth GLP May 22, 2015 at 10:25 pm #

    Motivation is key when trying to stay fit. & with fitness comes great health and happiness. If you have the time, you should check out our take on strength training. With your motivation, you’re a perfect candidate!

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