Cutting the Crap in Saudi

22 May

I received this comunication from Angie on the RFBR facebook page in response to my posting a photo of this Greek Salad I had for lunch the other day. It was so inspiring I asked if I could post it up here:-


“Just bought your book in Riyadh and am extremely inspired by ‘Cut The Crap’, difficult but neccessary in the fast food capital of the world where diabetes and obesity are an epidemic. So your CTC work is taking place in Saudi too. And I am on my way to the gym now, I promise. thank you for such an inspiring book.”

In response to my asking for more info and offering to post it here she writes:

“Hi Back from 1,5 h at the gym and now eating a home made lentil-spinach soup with unsweetened bread with an almost invisible amount of butter. Moved to Saudi 3 months ago, and Riyadh is absolutely packed with fast food chains of the worst kind, I have travelled a lot in the US (and lived in Glasgow) and even that diet is nothing compared to here. My husband is working as a doctor here and is very concerned, especially with younger and diabetic obese patients. However, I behaved really stupid too in trying to keep my children happy with the life change and overwhelmed by the transition we resorted to a really crappy diet when moving to Riyadh. I gained 9 pounds in 6 weeks. Luckily I got a copy of your book CUT THE CRAP and got started. Lost 5 pounds already (even if I know that this is not a quick fix diet) and most importantly feel better and nourish children and husband in a much better way. Thank you Grit Doctor and as I said happy to contribute with text, it will increase needed accountability…”

I then asked her specifically what she did:

“First of all I stopped eating out at the crappy places, I go to to the gym 3-4 times per week, lunch is varieties of home prepared but tasty vegetable based soups with bread. I have to bake it as there are almost no whole grain available in Riyadh stores. I´m also a carb enthusiast so good bread is essential. I soak and cook steel cut oats for instance, to get a moist bread with lots of texture and fibres. I cut back on the fatty milk in my coffee and when I do treats I moderate size. And the people who work at the hospital (where we also we live) branch of Dunkin Donut looks surprised every time I go by without stopping for my regular toasted coconut donut with full fat latte that I was happily scoffing down while watching my children having swimming or football lessons. Between bites I managed to shout to my children that they should work harder, oh the irony of that is painful to acknowledge. So simple but efficient changes are working out beautifully for me!”

The Grit Doctor says

Excellent work Angie – keep spreading the crap cutting word!


One Response to “Cutting the Crap in Saudi”

  1. Danny June 3, 2015 at 10:24 am #

    Brilliant and so down to earth!!!! x

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