Running to Writing

30 Nov

I received this wonderful message on the RFBR Facebook page from an Irish gal living in Singapore.  I thought it was so lovely, I’ve reposted it here.  Particularly inspiring is how she has used running – and the newfound confidence it has brought to her life – to give her the courage to try and become a writer, and here is the link to her first article published in an online magazine in Hong Kong. ( It has some great advice for anyone training for a half marathon (particularly those in hot humid climates, like my sister Annie Field and all her buddies Down Under)

Hi Ruth,

I’ve been wanting to message you for a while to say a long overdue thank you after signing up for a colour run 1 year ago for fun, I bought ‘Run Fat Bitch Run’ and felt so inspired by you, your attitude and you’re writing. Your advice and encouragement were so refreshing and 1 year later I’m signed up to do my first half marathon in Singapore! I can’t wait and I’ve loved the training experience, as painful as it is at times!

Embarking on this journey has also given me the confidence to pursue writing, something I’ve been putting off for years as I was always worried I wouldn’t be talented enough. It seems the confidence I’ve gained through running has started to seep in to all areas of my life, and I finally sat down and wrote my first article. It’s been published in an online magazine in Hong Kong and I hope this will be the start of a career change for me.

I know you’re crazy busy but I’ll post the link to the article if you feel like reading it. But mainly I just wanted to tell you that what you’re doing is so important and you’re changing lives in a very real way.

Again, thank you so much! Keep the grit coming!

Best, Fionnuala.



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