Tina The Tanner

13 Apr

The sun is shining, and its time to…..get your pins out.  If you are a runner like me, your legs (having been covered in long leggings with shorts over the top to disguise any excess flab, err, I mean muscle throughout Winter), may be starting to feel a tad on the sweaty side.  My legs are screaming to see the light of day again, but the world I fear may scream in horror at their unveiling.  Scaly crepy skin?  Thread veins?  Pasty white and peppered with hairs long enough for braids?  Mmmm, attractive.

The first thing I did was to depilate – with vigour – using Veet Sensitive Wax strips from Boots (about three packets-worth)!  This is key and needs to be done at least a day before calling in the cavalry; this, and an all over body exfoliation.  Nothing fancy required, just give yourself a good scrub in the shower with a loofah, and you are ready for…Tina.

You can find Tina at http://www.sunkissedspraytanning.co.uk.  And she will spray tan those pins back to life.  More than that, she will spray tan every exposable inch of flesh and have you back looking your best within 10 minutes.  Discrete, funny, good company, always on time, and never an orange streak in sight, Tina will have you looking like you just got back from two weeks in Barbados…should you so wish….or, with a healthy glow (there are different grades of tan you can opt for).

Tina has just moved to the Watford area and is building up a new client base there.  So I am calling out to all my cousins, (most of whom I *suspect* are partial to the odd spray tan) and highly recommending Tina.  She does parties too (as in lots of you get a tan for a discount).  And of course, the best bit is she comes to you, so you don’t have that awful palava of getting dressed and booted after a beauty salon tanning, only to return home and find its streaked.

The Grit Doctor says

My beauty tip for Spring: Tina The Tanner (www.sunkissedspraytanning.co.uk)

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