Zakti Active Review

7 Jun


I was delighted to receive some new running togs courtesy of Zakti.  Thank you @Zakti_Active.  This photo is me in the kit after its first 5k.  The leggings ( and running top ( ) had other mums on the school run commenting on my snazzy new ‘active wear’, which is an excellent start!  The top is very fitted, so likely to show off any bumps and lumps, which I’ve started to think of as a good thing.  Why?  Because it keeps me on my toes, and makes me realise there is work to be done.  A baggy teeshirt hides a multitude of sins, but this Zakti ensemble does not.  Wearing such a fitted top also helps keep my posture in check during a run because I am conscious of holding my stomach in and standing up straight, another bonus.  The top has a black mesh detail on the back; it’s sleek and sexy in grey and black and tapers down the sides to flatter one’s curves.  Even my husband Olly commented positively on my ‘sexy new running top’ (which never happens).   Plus, it’s very comfortable to wear running which is – of course – the most important thing.

The leggings are very snug and fitted with a thick waistband that feels quite structured (it’s a bit like wearing support knickers).  Most of us mums appreciate a bit of structure and support around our middles, particularly on a run when everything is prone to jiggle about a bit.  These leggings practically give me a flat stomach, so the top looks even better across the midriff.  The design is black and grey with a breathable mesh detail at the bottom (they are the perfect length for me too, below the knee).  A word of warning: the size 12 is pretty tight (I often take a size 10 bottom half).  So if you are a 12-14, definitely go for a 14 otherwise you won’t be comfortable.  Running in these leggings I felt well supported – and confident – because Olly said my bum looked amazing and who can argue with that?!  The rain jacket is extremely colourful, ( almost psychedelic purple, which is possibly not to everyone’s taste, but I’m a fan.  It is lightweight, and also very fitted so looks great on, although I’ve not yet tried it out on a run.  This is really comfortable, stylish active wear perfectly suited to the regular runner, but not for the faint hearted or the body shy as there really is nowhere to hide (don’t look too closely at the photo)!

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One Response to “Zakti Active Review”

  1. Han June 9, 2016 at 2:23 pm #

    Those capris look great…. I always have trouble with waistbands being too loose or rolling down, (I have a disproportionately big bum/smaller waist) the waistband on those looks really structured as though it would stay put….

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