Belated Grit Clinic – apologies

Q: Hi Grit Doctor, About 6 weeks ago I started walking a 4 mile route prior to running it. But ended up straining my SI joint. Thats all now settle down & ready to start again but worried my route was wrong. It was quite hilly but everywhere outside my front door is hilly.

A: Hi Claire, From the bit of research I did on this – and please do plenty of your own via google as there is a huge amount of information out there on SI strains – one of the things that did strike me was how it is essential to run on the flat with this type of injury.   Now, if everywhere around you is hilly, obviously this poses a real problem.  Solutions are thin on the ground I’m afraid.  Dare I say it – the dreadmill – may be the answer if you have access to one, or perhaps a more attractive (and cheaper option) would be to cycle or drive somewhere flat and then run?  To prevent a relapse though: NO MORE HILL RUNNING.  And for goodness sakes, do not run through the pain if you still have any (tantalisingly gritty though it may feel).  Grit doctors’ orders.

Q: I think you are great and your book has really motivated me.  I have lost 12.5lb through running since reading your book.  I have a problem though which I hope you can help me with.  I went out eventually like you said in you book and bought my new runners.  Asics kumo gel runners for  110e but now half way through my run the balls of my feet are burning and very painful.  Have you any ideas to help ease this pain in my feet?advice please

A: Hi Irene, Again, a google search throws up many threads with runners experiencing the same problem, so do have a good look yourself.  You have good shoes and I take it you bought them from a proper running shop where they saw you run in them?  If not, take them to a proper running shop, explain your problem to them and they will watch you run and see whether it is to do with your running style.  A cheap and seemingly effective solution (according to other runners with the same problem) is simply gel cushions which you insert in the trainers – you can buy them from the running shop.  If this fails to provide you with any relief, and you are committed to running, you may need to see a podiatrist (foot specialist) who may recommend orthotics (specially made shoes).  A huge well done on all the weight you have already lost and keep up the good grit – the fact that so many runners have this problem means there will be a solution.  Keep me posted..

The Grit Doctor says:

There will be no Grit Clinic on Easter Monday, surgery re-opens on Monday 16th April.


2 Responses to “Belated Grit Clinic – apologies”

  1. Margaret April 3, 2012 at 6:58 pm #

    I wonder do you have any solutions for incontinence while walking. I’m still at the walking stages doing 5 k 4 times a week.
    Not sure if I’ll ever move on to running as I have a sacro iliac problem having had chronic sp on 3 pregnancies. I was wheelchair bound for 3 months each time.
    Anyway despite best efforts I come back from most walks in a bit of a state. Any advice ? Am doing pelvic floor exercises all the time. 😦
    It’s really bugging me.

    M 😦

    • gritdoctor April 4, 2012 at 9:32 am #

      This is something you must talk to a real doctor about I’m afraid but be reassured it is much more common than you think 30-40% of female runners have suffered from incontinence whilst running. I do sympathise as it must be incredibly frustrating, but you need to speak to your GP. You may be over-hydrated but this is something your doctor can help you determine. Sorry I can’t be of more help. Stick with the kegels as they always help strengthten the pelvic floor and let me know how you get on at the docs.

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