Gerrrrrit Clinic

Q:Hey Ruth. Started reading your book the Sunday of the London Marathon and started Week 1 on the Monday. I’m at the stage now where I should be running for 5 minutes but I can’t seem to make it to five minutes no matter how slow I jog. I can manage about 2 and a half minutes followed by a five minute walk followed by another 2 and a half minutes. Any advice you have on this will be greatly received. Happy Sunday


A: What you are doing is absolutely fine.  Stick with your 2.5mins and just try to increase it by 30 secs or as much as you can manage each week.  You will reach 5mins in no time at all.  You are not on your own, loads of people struggle to reach 5 mins which is why I suggest no running AT ALL until you are walking your circuit fast and comfortably.  You only started a week ago! so 2.5mins running is pretty good going.  Stick with it and SLOW RIGHT DOWN.

The Grit Doctor says:

5 minutes jogging sounds a lot easier than it is.  I only managed 3 minutes the first time I tried to run.  Slowly Slowly Catchy Monkey.


2 Responses to “Gerrrrrit Clinic”

  1. Suzieb78 May 17, 2012 at 11:27 am #

    I have managed to run – or plod as I think is more appropriate – through my wholle circuit and I am really enjoying it, but one part of it is particularly bumpy and I have now pulled a tendon in the bottom of my foot. This has stopped my running for the last few days and I have become alot grumpier – and I can feel my motivation to stop eating crap fading – any advice on how I can combat this?

    • gritdoctor May 17, 2012 at 1:42 pm #

      STEP AWAY FROM THE CAKE TIN! Do not keep crap at home is my first tip. Especially with a sore foot, you will be less inclined to run up the road to buy a chocolate bar. So, keep your kitchen ‘clean’. It is impossible to reesist crap if you have it in your cupboards and fridge. Take advantage of the decrease in appetite that your break from running should bring and drink plenty of water. Try and use your running slot for a different activity that is stimulating and absorbing. Keep out of the kitchen! Best of luck and I hope that foot heals soon.

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