Monday Grit Clinic

Dear Grit Doctor,

I read the book!
Loved it.
I started run/walking 5 weeks ago, and i was obviously much fitter than i assumed because on the second go i ran 2 miles straight which shocked me so much, i have now become completely and utterly addicted to running (or the want to be better at running). I’ve managed 3 miles now, and still going.
So i have run between 3 and 5 times every week for the last 5 weeks and i’m loving the feeling afterwards. I feel like i’m on drugs (or what i imagine that to feel like) I’ve never been so happy in my life! i work with the biggest pain in the arse in the world, and running has been my escape and patience to deal with him.
Only thing is.. i CAN’T stop eating crap. i know i CAN. but i don’t. it drives me MAD that i have got off my fat arse, taken up running, LOVE it, trying to get better at it, want to be fit and healthy, but can’t stop eating biscuits and chocolate. I haven’t lost an inch or a pound since i started and i know thats due to the crap, and the beer that i drink.
I’m a chef and the nature of my job is surrounding me with bad food, i don’t buy, but can’t help eating.
I know this sounds pathetic, but i need help. Crap is the only thing holding me back from getting thinner and fitter.
Any advice?
A. This is a tough one as it seems to fly in the face of what I say running regularly will do to your eating habits: have a hugely positive effect on them in helping you make healthier choices.  However, you are only a few weeks into running regularly and so the shift in attitude to food may be just around the corner.  Fingers crossed.  Keep up the running – you are doing so well, and try and ensure the runs are 45 minutes in length and 5 times a week ideally. 
As a chef, surely you have better things at your disposal to eat than biscuits and chocolate?!  Shame on you!!  Beer too eh?  You are a junk afficionado no less.  Enough light hearted banter.  Your diet is a disgrace.
1.Start practising ‘mindful’ eating – in other words, think about what you doing before you shove it down your cakehole:  Do I really want this?  Do I really need this?  Why am I eating this now?  Am I actually hungry?  WHAT AM I DOING?  DO I WANT TO BE A FAT BITCH FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE?  Whilst you are pondering these questions and before you have shoved said item down your gob, go to the tap and pour yourself a large glass of water, drink it and you may find the awful moment has passed. 
2. Make sure you are eating really hearty filling carby stuff on your running days so you are not hungry.  Good carbs though, so wholegrain rice and cereals, brown bread and pasta. 
3. Eat regular meals.  I know this can be difficult as a chef and  if the danger zone is whilst you are on duty in the kitchen, be sure to have your main healthy meal just before a shift. 
4. Bring fresh fruit to snack on at work (in place of the biscuits and chocolate).
5. Be really hard on yourself.  Call yourself a FAT BITCH if it helps. 
6. Think how much further you will be able to run and how much easier those runs will be if you could shift some pounds. 
You can so do this.  You have already conquered the hard part which is running regularly.  The eating part will be easy AS SOON AS YOU BEGIN.  In other words, take the plunge NOW.   That means: throw away the biscuits and chocolate and start giving your body some of the respect it deserves by putting into it what it actually needs.
The Grit Doctor says:
Just say no.  To crap.

2 Responses to “Monday Grit Clinic”

  1. Maclegend June 19, 2012 at 10:15 pm #

    Try this: Before you put the crappy food in your mouth, hold it in your hand close your eyes and think about it. Then think about crap literally being pourd all over it. Do it a few times, practice makes perfect, and all of a sudden when you go to pick the food up you may not feel the same way about it

    • gritdoctor June 20, 2012 at 9:42 am #

      this is brilliantly gritty – LOVE IT! x

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