Thursday is the new Monday

Maggie Cullen wrote via the facebook page:

Hi Ruth
Hope you and family are well. I am still happily running thank God and

go in the mornings and it just sets me up for the day. A bit scarred

about running in the Dark Mornings when the winter comes in .

Would you have an advice?

Mags xx

Firstly, apologies for my very tardy response and well done for keeping up the running.  And an even bigger well done for getting your run in first thing.  It is the holy grail – to run in the mornings – as nothing sets you up for your day better than nailing your circuit before dawn.  You obviously have bucketloads of grit so are well placed to succeed now that the dark mornings are in the post.

One of the great things about running in the mornings in the dark is that you feel even better about having gotten out of bed and outside before the rest of the world (or so it seems) and so start your day feeling super smug.  Another plus is that it will be cooler which will be a welcome relief from running in this muggy heat which has gotten boring and too tiring by half.  Give me a cold run any day.  The run should feel that much easier as the temperature drops which is always a welcome bonus.  TIP: LAYER UP, including beanie hat (to look like a true pro whilst keeping warm).

Wear light reflective clothing like a lollipop lady if you are running on roads to keep safe.  In fact, stick to the roads to feel safer if you are scared and definitely stay away from the woods (I am talking to myself now) or anywhere that is obviously dangerous and isolated.  TIP: COMMON SENSE.

Have your stuff ready the night before so you can stumble out of bed and into your running kit with a minimum amount of effort.  It is somehow always harder to get out of bed in the dark so you may find your motivation takes a dip when the darkness descends.  TIP: BE PREPARED.

Try and time your run with the sunrise, it is a truly magical experience to watch the breaking of the day while out running.  Sets you up like nothing else.

The Grit Doctor says:

Remember that as far as your Inner Bitch is concerned, the darker, the better.


2 Responses to “Thursday is the new Monday”

  1. sadiewb September 6, 2012 at 12:11 pm #

    I can vouch for Ruth’s advice – I’m glad I started in the New Year as soon as I read about RFBR in a post-Christmas haze of over-indulgence and the mornings were at their darkest.

    So now I know that if I leave at 7am in January I just need a torch for the first 10 minutes or so, and it’s surprising how much you can see just before dawn. Then it is brilliant to be out there as the sun rises. I have so enjoyed watching the seasons change along a route I now know so well, I’m looking forward to it. Well, almost.

  2. Bonnie Sweet September 6, 2012 at 4:33 pm #

    I wish I could run outside in the mornings in the dark but where I run it would not be safe and I can’t time my runs later due to work. So I have joined a work gym which I can use my usual time and use the dreadmill then run outside weekends days off or working from home days. Running just before sunrise is wonderful. Especially along the coast. Good luck and keep it up. I know now I have plans in place my training won’t slip over the winter like it used to and just to be sure I have an early half marathon booked. Told the world I am doing it so it will keep me on track or I would look like a fool if I pulled out.

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