Married grit fiends

Linda is an amazing woman: a retired headmistress who looks half her age. She contributed to 26 Reasons to Run and I had the pleasure of meeting her in the Summer and running a 5k together in Richmond Park. This is a very amusing and incredibly inspiring update from the lady herself…

“I am still running and enjoying it. Husband now also running after break of over 25 years. Think he was a bit jealous of me and decided to have a little go. Off he went one Saturday morning and when he came back he had done his old 10k route. I was so jealous (still only done 6k at most) I locked him out and wouldn’t let him in. Now we run together on Sunday at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park – he’s always in front. Men! What’s really remarkable is that in Sept 2010 he fell out of the loft and landed on his heel smashing it to pieces. Thought he wouldn’t walk again without a stick or a limp but 2 years later he’s running and it’s down to you again and that funny, wonderful book. He’s also lost about 3 stone and has now assumed full saint status as he has given up sugar in all its forms part from when it comes out of a wine bottle or a pint glass. Am reduced to eating Kit Kats in secret otherwise he goes on about their lack of nutritional value!”

The Grit Doctor says:
There are brilliantly gritty photos of the foot injury. WHICH I HAVE SPENT THE LAST HOUR TRYING – AND FAILING – TO UPLOAD.


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